To stay ahead in a competitive marketplace, you need to spot trends and make informed decisions quickly. With Banking Performance Management System, you can gain access to the reliable, timely information that drives better decisions. While there are any number of decisions to make, they depend on answers to three fundamental questions:

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Exepno Banking Performance Management System

BISEES’s unique solution, Exepno Banking Performance Management System, is a single Analytical pre-packaged platform for the Financial Sector. The System enables banks to quickly adapt to changing markets, monitor performance, operate more efficiently and continue to pursue growth, both in terms of financial and market share acquisition, leveraging in-depth insights into operations, risk and customer relationships.

  • It is built upon a sophisticated Banking Business Model, delivering simple, yet-effective, solutions on the critical areas of data extraction, monitoring key performance indicators, visualization, reporting, root cause analysis, while it caters with more complex banking needs leveraging advanced ML/AI modules.
  • While it can be deployed either on-premises or cloud, using integrated components of Google Cloud Platform, to improve employee collaboration, productivity and data security, this unique solution is accessible anywhere in the Bank and will ensure return on investment while guaranteeing greater insights than traditional solutions.

How is your financial institution doing?

A gauge of the most critical indicators for your bank.



The ability to dig deeper into current issues to understand what led to the results.


What should you be doing?

The facility to set plans, allocate resources, monitor them and adapt.

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BISEES implements a five-point methodology when successfully implementing its analytics-driven Banking Performance Management System.

Banking Performance Management System is a pre-packaged solution, enabling your bank to adapt quickly to changing markets, operate more efficiently and continue to pursue growth, both in terms of financially and market share acquisition, leveraging the sophisticated insight into operations, risk and customer relationship.

  • Focus on the biggest Opportunities first
  • Start with the Questions, not data
  • Embed Insight to drive Action
  • Keep existing capabilities while adding new ones
  • Build the new analytics foundation according to an information agenda
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Why use BPMS?

It can help your bank to get Smarter by embedding Analytics to transform Insight into Action.
A key value proposition for our banking customers is the integration of Bisees’ Banking Performance System with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Google Workspace.

  • Customers can avail of renowned GCP & Google Workspace’s concepts including BigQuery for data insights, GoogleDoc, Google Reports and Google Slides to further enhance their digital transformation in the banking sector alongside Bisees’ Banking Performance System
  • The Blueprints for Banking Performance Management System cover the following critical areas:

Financial analysis

No matter what your core banking systems are, Banking Performance Management System is a ready-made solution, built to integrate efficiently with host systems, in order to add value to your exploration and insight capabilities. It is tailored and…

  • Financial analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer Behavioral

Financial analysis

  • Product Analysis
  • Outstanding Analysis
  • Account Balances
  • Loan Analysis
  • Investment Arrangement Analysis
  • Insurance Product Analysis
  • Structure Finance Analysis
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Fund Maturity Analysis
  • Non-Performing Loan Analysis
  • Interest Rate Risk Analysis
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Debt Restructure Analysis
  • Insurance Risk Profile
  • Product Profitability
  • What-if Analysis
  • Branch Office Scorecards

Customer Analysis

  • Campaign Analysis
  • Cross Sell Analysis
  • Customer Attrition Analysis
  • Customer Behavior
  • Customer Delinquency Analysis
  • Customer Investment Profile
  • Customer Profitability
  • Channel Profitability
  • Location Profitability
  • Organization Unit Profitability
  • IWallet Share Analysis
  • Individual Customer Profile
  • Involved Party Exposure
  • Marketing Segmentation
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • What-if Analysis
  • Branch Office Scorecards
  • Up Sell Analysis
  • Demographic Analysis

Customer Behavioral

  • Transaction Volume Analysis
  • Customer Interaction Analysis
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Branch Network Planning
  • Branch Office Utilization
  • Response Times
  • Transaction Type Analysis
  • Employee Productivity
  • Channel Efficiency
  • Trend Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Transaction History
  • Liquidity Analysis
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Banking Performance
Management System

With integrated plans, Banking Performance Management System reporting, analysis, and performance metrics, you can dramatically improve your understanding of the organization. This improves your ability to make timely and informed decisions that improve operations, increase sales and drive profitable growth.

Now performance monitoring, analysis and reporting can be integrated into one seamless experience.

From CEO, CFO and Treasury to frontline operation managers, the uncertain economy has highlighted the necessity and the benefits of making and sharing informed decisions. BPMS easily offers this capability and provides collaboration to new levels.

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BISEES is pleased to offer Financial Institutions a unique integrated solution, to achieve their to spread knowledge and insight across the organization and beyond. Banking Performance Management System Printing Module offers reporting in widely adopted portable formats such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Office and pixel perfect PDF using data and analytics from Banking Performance Management Module. It ensures that the right reports get to the right people, how and when they need them, through scheduled distribution.

The Objective

When highly formatted static reporting distribution and scheduling are essential, extends the Banking Performance Management module by providing this functionality. Reports can be created in a variety of popular formats, including Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel and Word), and on Google Workspace formats including Google docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets, highly polished pixel perfect reports and HTML reports for web publication.

With Banking Performance Management System Printing Module, BPMS suite extends its capabilities and serves as a single integratd solution for both interactive analytics and reporting. The same data model can be used for both purposes. With that way users are allowed to adopt interactive analytics and explore their data further.

Confidence is improved, complexity is reduced and more people can see thewhole story in their data.

The Opportunity

Hours per week of error prone manual report generation be completely replaced with an automatic system

Generate hundreds of reports in minutes instead of hours

Quickly modify reports when business needs change

Our Proposal

BISEES has various service offerings and methodologies in reporting that helps your needs.

The following table shows a list of all the benefits our system can provide when it will be implemented by your organization.

Create professional reports on Google Docs,Microsoft Office, HTML and PixelPerfect reports

Use data and images from Banking Performance Management Module

Create reports in Microsoft Office formats: Excel, Word and PowerPoint
Design PixelPerfect banded reports
Author, generate and format reports in HTML
Reports in CSV format
Create single Banking Performance Management Module object or sheet reports as an image

Distribute reports

Enterprise-wide report distribution in PDF
Send everyone only relevant information
Deliver your reports to your recipients via e-mail
Save reports into recipient-specific directories
Publish reports on your Intranet website
Embed HTML reports in e-mail body for mobile users
Send email with dynamic fields and attached reports
Send reports on demand
Collaborate in real-time with the integrated component of Google Docs on Google Workspace
Share files with ease on the platform with automatic saves and updates

Automate and schedule repetitive tasks

Fast deployment thanks to modular architecture
Full control over time and frequency of data reload and application distribution
Schedule report creation flexibly

Simplify recipient management

Import your recipients from databases, files, and LDAP directories
Associate recipients automatically with filters and distribution groups when importing them
Schedule and load new and modified recipients automatically
Filters created from Banking Performance Printing Module Performance fields, variables and bookmarks
Simple and reusable filters
Specific filters for recipient: each one receives reports containing only relevant data

Secure reporting

Set security at Recipient level (Encryption, password protection, and filters)
Send password protected reports
Bisees Banking Performance System integrated with Google Cloud Platform offers unmatched security ensuring complete data protection

Run in service mode

Run as a Windows Service
Management console
Achieves scalability and resilience, provide load-sharing and balancing. Support for SNMP
External enterprise scheduling tools can trigger tasks

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In today’s economic environment, banks must use business intelligence (BI) to make smarter, faster decisions. Access to BI is what gives those organizations their competitive edge and allows them to discover new business opportunities. Yet, in too many banks, decisions are still not based on business intelligence because of the inability to keep up with demand for information and analytics. While business users are demanding more control and faster access to business data, the IT department is not always able to satisfy this amount of demand.
To satisfy this demand and accelerate time to value, one approach involves setting up an environment in which the business users can create and access specific sets of reports, queries, and analytics by themselves in a self-service environment with minimal IT involvement. Business users become more self-sufficient by having an environment that is easy to use and supplies information that is easy to consume.

BISEES is pleased to offer Financial Institution the capability for Selfservice BI. Banking Performance Self-Service module delivers an intuitive drag-and-drop user experience for data visualization, exploration, and storytelling capabilities.Banking Performance Self-Service Module is defined as the facility within the Banking Performance environment that enable its users to become more self-reliant and less dependent on the IT organization. With Banking Performance Self-Service, non-technical professionals can generate their own visualizations and reports, run their own queries and conduct their own analysis.

• Make it easy to access and combine source data
• Make it easy to find hidden insight
• Make it fast to share findings
• Make the results easy to consume and enhance them

We have developed a unique integrated solution to help banks drive their strategies forward and bridge the gap between static reports and flexible, sophisticated tools within the Banking Performance Suite.
Our solution can enable banks to fully realize the benefits of improved productivity throughout the entire organization. Most importantly, we provide the training and support for this new solution that ensures your staff can ramp up quickly and realize concrete improvements in all areas of their everyday work.
The following list shows of all the benefits our system can provide when it will be implemented by your organization.
Accessible anywhere, through mobile devices and desktops, dashboards drive better team collaboration and greater insights than traditional solutions like PowerPoint or Excel ever could.

Specific questions help your team focus on the right data, saving time and money. A lot of times, reports can often fail to answer the original question or to produce actionable results. With Banking Performance Self-Service, the person asking the questions can easily reach the data they need to find answers. If the results are not relevant, they can change and re-run the query without the help of the IT department. By answering critical business questions and creating actionable insights, bank’s bottom line will improve.

There will be no need to ask for an important KPI and wait for hours or days the IT department to give you the information. Banking Performance SelfService Module puts the user in charge of the data. Data can be accessed on the fly for real-time analysis and immediate actionable insights, giving your users a competitive advantage.

Your organization will no longer need to rely on specific data scientists looking for clues to improve your services. Banking Performance Self-Service Module provides information for everyone involved with an easy to use interface.
The integration of Bisees’ Banking Performance Self-Service with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), enables data insights to be taken to the next level whilst minimizing the time needed to find the hidden insight within your data. GCP’s BigQuery is Google’s solution to the traditional, complex data warehouse, designed to address the needs of data-driven organizations in a cloud-first world.

Banking Performance Self-Service Module means having the right data at the right time to make the right decisions. With our solution you can access your data wherever you are with the use of mobile devises. By our experience mobile is critical for bank Executives to respond to issues in real-time and make decisions immediately. It is very important to have all the information that you need regardless the location.

Data visualization plays a key role in making decisions’ . Most users have data visualization as their top priority when evaluating their decisions. Combining millions of data points and advanced math concepts to make a story that people will understand is not an easy task. Banking Performance Self-Service Module has achieved simplicity and clear data presentation in order to increase the level of audience engagement.

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