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Built with big businesses in mind, this highly intuitive and flexible software enables companies to nurture their relationships with existing clients and potential customers, to drive sales, and to sustain long-term profitability. By aggregating streams of customer data to surface insights, you’ll be able to make better business decisions in no time

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What is unique about
BISEES Exepno Clients


can be used by all departments within a modern bank or large organization. To optimise use, CRM users do not need to make changes to their own workflow.


BISEES Exepno Clients can organize just about any customer detail so that users can construct both contact and company profiles. It assigns and tracks customer interactions (e.g., events) while allowing the user to sell smarter and faster. This is made possible by the so!ware’s built-in intelligence.


Designed with minimalism in mind, BISEES Exepno Clients was built from scratch to avoid the complexity of competitive solutions. Implementation is simple, and setup is a breeze.


Bisees HRMS is fully integrated with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Google Workspace. GCP helps companies digitally transform with data solutions that address challenges your company may be facing in your industry so you can drive your business even further.


Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools including Gmail, Calendar, Editors, Meet and Chat designed to make businesses work faster, smarter and more collaboratively.


What makes BISEES Exepno Clients even better is its powerful integrations, including telephony, SMS, email & WhatsApp. BISEES Exepno Clients also helps banks improve their customer service, automatically centralizing and connecting a variety of support channels. These can be accessed from any device, allowing them to work in any environment.

Why use BISEES Exepno Clients?

There are countless benefits of BISEES CRM. It can be set up for insights, automation, integration, visibility, accessibility, and collaboration—the result of which is increased productivity and efficiency within your business. Here are the key advantages of the system:

Get a 360-degree view of your customers with details of their demographics, contact information, event history, and portfolio. Organizing this customer information in a single, centralized location makes it easy to sort, store, and retrieve as needed.

Having access to crucial information empowers you to enhance your strategies. BISEES CRM streamlines qualifying leads and converts promising prospects to ensure you are spending time on valuable leads. Make the right approach at the right time when up-selling or cross-selling. If you have dormant customers , you can proactively re-engage them.

By gathering disparate data, the tool provides deep insights about your customers and their products. BISEES CRM looks through trends, patterns, and insights to empower your strategies.

Improve your forecasting through an efficient and transparent analysis pipeline. This will show you the effectiveness of your marketing activities. Know which campaign is more successful or inactive so that you can respond appropriately. This also helps you make changes to ensure your business goals are achieved. Metrics are used to measure a campaign’s success with data-driven insights.

These two processes work interchangeably to improve your overall customer experience. They both share information about contacts, customer insights, and new opportunities. Marketing teams can help your sales team increase sales, while the sales teams can empower marketing teams in their strategies, brand messages, and campaigns.

BISEES CRM enables you to quickly access and save data, even when you’re on the go! Quick access to the system empowers how you stay up to date with real-time syncing. Your sales and marketing teams can respond immediately to their sales pipelines and campaigns at any time, anywhere.

Additionally, Bisees’ CRM system integration with GCP facilitates your teams to avail of real-time data insights alongside the real-time syncing. This digital data transformation will enable your business to generate competitive advantage within the market.

that reflect different parts of the same campaign. For example, you may have an initial email, then a telephone follow-up, and then a reminder message. Alternatively, the users might segment the customers and send a different message variation to each group..

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Key Features
of a BISEES Exepno Clients software

Contact Management
Customer data, such as contact information, interactions, demographics, and products, are stored in a unified hub. This also streamlines information retrieval.
Campaign Participants
Target lists of individuals or organizations can be automatically fed by BISEES or can be created from the system. Each campaign may relate to several target lists, and each target list can relate to any number and combination of targets, contacts, leads, users, and accounts.
Lead Management
BISEES allows you to effectively manage leads throughout the entire life cycle, from prospecting to conversion. Pipeline stages can be configured to match your requirements. Customer profiles and events are centralized for contact management.
Industries we Serve

Key Features of a
Exepno Clients software

Tasks and Deals

Tasks and events can be automatically added to customer profiles. It streamlines populating, assigning and monitoring items on your sales pipeline. Information is updated in real-time to ensure you have access to the latest changes. Bisees’s Expeno Clients system integration with Google Workspace will yield a new, transformative layer of collaboration within your workplace, a seamless experience of distributing tasks and deals between your employees profilesю

Email Integration

Built-in, ready-to-use email templates available at your fingertips to target campaign participants all at once, with personalized messages. Bisees’s Expeno Clients system integration with Google Workspace will provide your organisation with access to Gmail, the free, intuitive and efficient Google email service.

Role-Based Views

For added security, this feature can restrict your employees’ access based on their role. Control what specific users see within your Expeno Clients to prevent data leaks and security breaches. Manage your employees’ activity and protect your customers’ privacy. The Bisees’ Expeno Clients system integration with GCP & Google Workspace will cater to your business’ and your data’s needs with unmatched security devices in place and adjustable admin access.

Industries we Serve

Key Features of a
Exepno Clients software

Reports and Dashboards
Generate reports with real-time accuracy. Valuable data is consolidated to reveal crucial insights about your market, effectiveness, patterns, and behaviors. Expeno Clients system integration with Google Workspace will allow your organisation to utilise Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides to bring your reporting to a new digital platform.
On the go
Access your CRM system through mobile devices either on iOS or Android. Staying connected with your CRM data means that you can stay connected even when you’re out of the office.
Telephony Integration
Make phone calls from within the system and keep notes of the conversation. Expeno Clients is fully integrated with Twilio.

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