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The more data
driven businesses?

Data warehouses have been the custodians of enterprises’ most important business data for the last 15–20 years. The more data-driven businesses have become, the more critical role their data warehouse plays in their digital transformation journey.
As Gartner stated, “[the] traditional data warehouse still forms the foundation for analytics programs.” But the world is now generating more data than ever before, and traditional data warehouses were not designed to handle the explosive growth. Organizations are feeling this pain. They tell us that they struggle to scale their infrastructure, find critical talent, improve costs, and manage the growing expectations to deliver valuable insights.
And then there is data gravity, which refers to the way that data “attracts” other data and services, creating a sense of urgency for organizations. According to Gartner, by 2020, 75% of enterprises will experience public cloud vendor lock-in, and data gravity will play a critical role.
Lock-in makes a customer dependent on the products and services of a particular cloud provider, leaving them unable to use another vendor without substantial switching costs. CIOs who have started moving their data warehouse workloads to the cloud are anticipating public cloud vendor lock-in due to data gravity.
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Why Your Company Should Use
Exepno Performance Management

  • View and control your data
  • Time Efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Enables true digital transformation
  • Offers effective collaboration
  • Flexible
View and control your Data
Exepno is the Greek work for Intelligent (Έξυπνο). It comes from the words “ex” (or ek) which means “out of” and the “epnos” which is the greek word for “sleep”. So, in total it means the state which is not “sleeping”, that has a sharp/active state or mind. This is exactly the potential for your data. To activate them and enable your complete visibility and control. You can take so much value out them and then you can decide which users have what level of access to what information. With Exepno suite you will view and control your data as never before.
Time Efficient
Exepno saves time. Exepno removes the need to run complex hardware based systems and it automatically roll out regular software updates, including security updates, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining anything. This results in more time to focus on the things that matter, such as business growth and profitability.
Cost Effective
Exepno is cost effective as you only pay for what you use. This allows businesses to efficiently optimise their budget with a subscription-based model with no purchasing, labour or maintenance costs.
Enables the true digital transformation
Exepno enables a digital transformation of your business, enhancing competitive edge within today’s saturated market in a smooth & seamless migration operation.
Offers effective Collaboration
Exepno increases and facilitates effective collaboration. When your teams can access, edit and share data and content anytime, from anywhere, they’re able to do more together, and do it better. They will also be able to avail of real-time updates while enjoying visibility of shared view of the truth.
It is flexible
Exepno services are flexible which is ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating business or service needs. If your needs increase, it’s easy to scale up your capacity. Similarly, if you need to scale down again, the flexibility is an intrinsic part of the service. This level of agility can give businesses using Exepno a real advantage over competitors.

Exepno delivers powerful insight and business intelligence to growth-focused, data-driven companies of all sizes.

Use Exepno to make informed decisions, transformingdata into knowledge and improving overall performance and service
By partnering with Google Cloud, we have advanced the application of artificial neural networks to your big data for unprecedented, fine-grained insight into your business. Exepno harnesses the power of AI to transform your data warehouse into a creative warehouse and generate more business

Use Exepno Performance Management for incredibly detailed views of your business and customer interactions.

Exepno Performance Management integrates many of the components of Google’s Cloud Platform, including Cloud Storage Buckets, Cloud DataPrep, Apps Scripts, BigQuery, DataStudio, QlikSense, Cloud Workspace, and Google Maps. It orchestrates the different modules in a unique way, so that it is enabling you to receive the maximum value out of your investment. We have built a solution that will minimize the time needed to find the hidden insight within your data.
Easy steps

With intelligence from Exepno,
you can:

  • Your data is your business intelligence:

    Gain new levels of business insight. Fully integrate new insights into your existing systems. Prepare a new marketing campaign that capitalises on the new intelligence

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Big data is the enormous amount of data — some of it structured and some not — which can serve as the basis for high-performance insight into business analytics no matter your size or industry.
Our company, Bisees (pronounced /ˌbaīˈsēs/) offers an innovative approach to using big data which can produce insight and transform it into competitive differentiation. It can also shape strategy, identify business opportunities, and alert you to data-related threats. All these with the help of Machine Learning and AI.

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You need artificial neural
networks to analyse your big data.

Here’s Why

  • Enjoy better forecasting

    With artificial neural networks you can take advantage of the hidden value of your data to predict trends and make informed decisions

  • Get better learning examples

    Trained neural networks can forecast capabilities and describe functional relationships which you can put to use immediately

  • Unlimited applications

    Banks, hospitals, retail, real estate, international business, energy consumption, and more can all benefit from these networks

  • Improves management

    Model underlying patterns and gains superior predictive tools to reduce risk in product innovation

  • Outperforms human intelligence

    Artificial neural networks can simultaneously analyse vast amounts of data to identify hidden associations and their importance

  • Yields better insight

    : With artificial neural networks you can take advantage of the hidden value of your data to predict trends and make informed decisions

  • Improve customer loyaly

    Recommend the right next product to the right customer will improve profitability of the company

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The answer is Exepno Performance
Management Solution and its integrated component GCP BigQuery.

So, how can BISEES solve these problems for your customers?

Traditional data warehouses are o!en hard to manage and operate. From a setup perspective, the process to extract, transform, and load data into a traditional data warehouse can be complex. And leveraging that data can also be challenging due to the fact that a data warehouse is typically designed for batch data. They’re usually optimized for legacy business intelligence, which is meant only to be used by a few management folks for reporting purposes.
Once the data is collected from the warehouse, the traditional model then usually it requires an army of database administrators to complete operational tasks. And on top of that, data operations need to be managed by creating indexes and backups and continuously developing patches and updates.
Alongside those challenges, data warehouse use cases have changed, moving beyond traditional operational reporting. Today, enterprises want more actionable insights from a data warehouse. Enterprises want to break down data silos to create a 360-degree view of their business, they want to be situationally aware and responsive to real-time business events, they want to gain predictive insights faster, they want to have a clear vision to enable data-driven decision making across the organization, and they want to experience simple and powerful data security and governance.
BigQuery is Google’s solution to the traditional data warehouse, designed to address the needs of data-driven organizations in a cloud-first world.
The modern data warehouse can no longer be thought of as an application running on a relational database management system (RDBMS) installed on custom hardware. The modern data warehouse must be thought of as a platform: a cohesive, interoperating set of capabilities, blending the use of an enterprise data lake, a variety of analytics services, streaming data sources in real time, and serverless computing, all encompassed within an elastic environment that automatically scales to meet performance needs and cost efficiency.

BigQuery is Google’s serverless solution to the traditional data warehouse, designed to address the needs of data-driven organizations in a cloud-first world. But what value can BigQuery provide for you as a customer?

The first feature is that BigQuery provides automated data transfer. This means that analytics teams can use the BigQuery Data Transfer Service to automate data movement from over 100 SaaS applications to BigQuery on a, scheduled, managed basis. Additionally, users can make use of data connectors that allow data to be transferred from Teradata and Amazon S3 to BigQuery.

Second, BigQuery makes insights accessible. BigQuery brings together an organization’s siloed data sources into one open platform using connectors. Organizations can assign read-only access to users, allowing access to shared datasets without the risk of any accidental changes.
Another great feature is that Exepno helps to build a foundation for artificial intelligence (AI) by allowing businesses to bring AI capabilities into their data without duplicating or moving it into a separate storage, and without needing to clean or manage the data separately. Teams can train TensorFlow and Google Cloud Machine Learning models directly with datasets stored in BigQuery
In addition, teams can use Cloud Dataprep to visually explore, clean, and prepare data for a training model directly from BigQuery. And to keep things simple, users can use BigQuery ML to build and train machine learning models with SQL, right in BigQuery

The fourth feature is that Exepno provides real-time insights. This allows teams to get the insights they need at the moment they need them. Exepno can analyze business events as they unfold by automatically ingesting data using the streaming API and making it immediately available to query in a data warehouse. This means that teams don’t have to wait around for the information they need.

Exepno can also leverage Cloud Pub/Sub and Google Cloud Dataflow to build batch and streaming pipelines to load data directly into BigQuery. All of this allows users to insert up to 100,000 rows of data per second and query petabytes of data at blazing fast speeds
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Why choose Exepno
Performance Management?

Several on-premises or cloud-based data warehouses are available. AWS Redshif, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Snowflake, and Teradata are some of the offerings that compete Exepno Performance Management Solution. So why should a customer choose to migrate their workloads with us?

Well, there are four areas where exepno has an advantage over its competitors. Let’s take a look!

A serverless approach to data analytics removes system engineering requirements from data analysis. It makes time-toinsights faster, reduces operational overhead with data analytics, and dramatically reduces total cost of ownership.

The time-consuming work of provisioning resources gets eliminated and downtime is reduced with all ongoing maintenance, including patches and upgrades, handled by the serverless infrastructure. In addition, our serverless approach allows customers to keep their focus purely on analytics. This means they can move away from the nightmare of having to manage technical infrastructure at scale


One of the biggest concerns from customers is being locked into a public cloud provider.

Lock-in makes a customer dependent on the products and services of a particular cloud provider, leaving them unable to use another vendor without substantial switching costs. Open cloud portability means that a customer can easily walk away with their data at any time, and this is a major advantage over our competitors.


Our powerful streaming ingestion captures and analyzes data in real time—meaning that a customer’s latest business data is immediately available for analysis—and ensures insights are always current.

But here’s the thing: customers are simply not used to getting real-time insights out of their data. When they say "real-time," they probably mean 15 minutes or maybe even hours. Exepno, however, gives customers true real-time insights into what’s happening in their business, down to seconds!


Imagine giving customers the ability to share petabyte-sized datasets with their coworkers, clients, or partners in the exact same manner that it’s possible to share Google spreadsheets and documents: by keeping the data in one place and simply modifying Access Control Lists.

Traditional cloud data warehouses recommend spinning up disparate clusters and loading data into those clusters. This, of course, increases complexity, cost, and operational overhead. Exepno’s approach is elegant and efficient and is afforded by BigQuery’s unique serverless architecture.

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Exepno protects
business data.

Organizations can use Identity and Access Management (IAM) to provide access control to resources. They can protect their sensitive data with the integration between Cloud Data Loss Prevention and BigQuery which discovers, classifies, and redacts sensitive data. Roles and groups can be created, and permissions for running jobs and queries in a project can be assigned. Organizations can also meet their compliance requirements with BigQuery’s third-party certifications.
And finally, Exepno simplifies data operations. Exepno Performance Management is a serverless data analytics platform that allows organizations to focus on analytics and not infrastructure, leaving the details around scaling, performance, availability, and security to Google Cloud. BigQuery’s platform architecture decouples storage and compute, allowing scaling to happen independently and on demand. This offers immense flexibility and cost control to customers, since they don’t need to keep expensive compute resources running all the time.
A serverless approach to data analytics removes system engineering requirements from data analysis.
This makes time-to-insights faster, reduces operational overhead with data analytics, and dramatically reduces an organization’s total cost of ownership. With Exepno, an analytics team can focus on analysing and utilising the insights generated for financial and business improvement. Organizational shift from database management back to data analytics would ensure businesses become more abundant.

Everything teams need to get work
done, now in one place.

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools including Gmail, Calendar, Editors, Meet and Chat designed to make businesses work faster, smarter and more collaboratively.
The integration of Google Workspace enables companies to deliver the best possible outcome to their customers by providing flexible solutions for employees to work from anywhere, helpful tools which allow time maximisation and a simple, human-centered design which deepens connections.

Google Workspace commercial offerings support the needs of your business
  • Flexibility for frontline workers with productivity tools on any device.
  • Modern collaboration with your existing email and calendar solution.
  • Complete collaboration and productivity platform.
  • Advanced security and compliance.
Notable statistics from existing Google Workspace users:
  • 68% of users in large companies say they enjoy their work more since adopting it, resulting in higher retention rates.
  • 75% of users say it has made their team more innovative. Innovative companies have stronger profit growth.
  • Over 140 million students and teachers use Google Workspace, meaning a significant amount of the workforce of tomorrow are already users.
There are many tools out there for data scientists to analyze big data, but which of those tools can help you explain and justify the analysis to the management and stakeholders? Raw numbers on paper or in a database will hardly do. Exepno Performance Management leverages three platforms. One is Google Workspace with Sheets, Docs, Slides, the second is Google Data Studio and last but definitely not least as a third platform Qlik Sense. These will help you to complete more that just the final mile.

With Exepno, business analysts can gather and crunch the data, but also they can automatically generate a slide and spreadsheet presentation to blow away management and stakeholders with their breathtaking analysis and insightful takeaways.

Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and automated reports that inspire smarter business decisions. Exepno helps you to unite your data in one place. The easiest way to explore the data is through the integration of Workspace. Every morning, or every hour see up-todate reports, that are automatically generated. See the advertising performance and other data into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that fits your business intelligence needs. Monitor your progress for the business metrics you are most interested in.

Numbers can be turned into insights through engaging charts and graphs. Data can be transformed into Information and then you can generate Knowledge for your business. Easly understand your ROI from your business initiatives. Create Collaborative Intelligence putting the team to work together in real time so that everyone finds the answers they need. Boot productivity and improve overall performance.
Word processing for Smart teams
Find ready created reports and edit the documents right in your browser. Invite the whole team to work together at the same time and every change will be saved automatically. Work also with people from outside your organization and communicate with them through built-in chat and asks questions through including comments. Work across devices with or without Internet. With Easy to manage sharing controls you decide who gets access to your documents and reports. Grant individuals or groups the right to edit, view or just add comments.
Collaborative smart spreadsheets for fast-moving organizations
Exepno is fully integrated with Google Sheets. You keep the information secure and at the same time you can collaborate with those you need and take advantage of all the AI features embedded. Share the latest revenue figures or any other report and receive notifications when the new report is ready or when a comments was made by your collaborators. Google Sheets empowers everyone across the organization to uncover valuable insights from Exepno. Do your additional calculations with an incredible set of formulas. With embedded AI capabilities you can simply type a question into Explore and have Google AI retrieve the answers you need. Seamless compatibility with Microso! files, including many of the keyboard shortcuts you rely on, reduces the friction of working across multiple platforms.
Beautiful presentations created together with Exepno
See the daily or hourly automated reports and polish the presentation in your browsers. Expedite the process by choosing a template. You can enhance your presentation with videos, images, drawings and smooth transitions. Expand your business by understanding the performance and follow AIenabled recommendations.
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